One more for the road. Calling it 22 for the sake of argument since this’ll be the 22nd freebie. I don’t know how many posts I’ve made since some of them I’ve done double winners and I’m way bad at keeping track.

I’m going to try to make this a Thursday through Monday tradition for as long as I can over the course of 3B airing. I realize that that’s probably way annoying, so savior ‘megs lacrosse hoodie giveaways’ if you want to avoid  it on your dashes :( Sorry guys. I wish there were a more elegant way to do this and still give everyone a fair chance. 

I have to skip next week though since I’ll be in LA for Days of the Wolf.


  • Someone gets a hoodie
  • Any size any color
  • Shipped anywhere
  • One like, one reblog. 
  • Winner is picked via random number generator 
  • Winner is contacted via tumblr message
  • Giveaway is over at 9:30PM EST on MONDAY, FEB 10th

Hoodies are available here


i want to be with someone who is brave enough to sit out in the cold with me and smoke cigarettes at 2 in the morning, all while i complain how i need to quit smoking and how fucking cold it is.

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